Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Team of Scot International (Pvt.) Limited and other affiliated experts are ready to answer frequently asked questions of our valuable clients and viewers 

Question:- Which version of Auto-cad is best for advance civil drawings?

Ans:- Auto-cad 2023

Question:- Do you have a PEC registered qualified staff?

Ans: Yes of course we have qualified and registered engineering staff.

Question:- What kind of advanced surveying tools you have for site survey?

Ans:- Total Stations, Trimble, and other laser guided measurement tools as well as EDM (Electronic Distance Meter), etc

Question:- What are the dimensions of Hockey, Football, Badminton and basketball fields/courts?

Ans:- Hockey (91mx55m), Football(105mx68m), Badminton(13.4mx6.1m )and basketball(28mx15m)

Question:- Please, define other engineering services?

Ans:- Industrial Engineering, Engineering Consultancy services, In-process trouble shooting and sites supervision.